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I joined the organization African Americans for Balanced Health (AABH) 15 years ago where I ultimately served on their Board. This experience changed my life as I learned how to eat better and how to incorporate healthier habits, infused with my rich cultural heritage and history.

I realized the abuse I inflicted on my body believing it was the norm.  By eating better, I became more aware of what I was putting into my system. My system, my body-mind temple, needed to exercise for optimal health. I understood that my diet and exercise regimen had to work hand-in-hand for long-lasting results. This was the turning point for me to live a healthier lifestyle.

I had also been suffering from migraine headaches for more than ten years. I suffered for three weeks of every month, not knowing whether the headaches stemmed from my menstrual cycle, the stress of raising a family, or the strain of an unhealthy marriage. A nurse-friend suggested I look into medicinal cannabis. I took the suggestion.

I worked with my doctor to keep me free from prescription drugs that would only manage my symptoms. I visited cannabis dispensaries gaining an educated understanding of the various strains. I learned which strain was best for me and how much to take. This proved to be a game-changer and my migraines ended. The use of marijuana, from its recreational origins in the 70s to its current medicinal purposes proved to be a more natural form of healing for me. Today, I use many cannabis products to relax, manage my anxiety, and alleviate stress with no side effects.

My role is to help guide people to an awareness of Hemp/CBD products, and introduce wellness in the homes as another modality to help them heal on a natural level.

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